The first 3D Sound app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Immerse yourself in a virtual sound bath of powerful mind enhancing frequencies that tune your brain to deeper states of relaxation, focus and peak performance.

Using your stereo earphones, experience the three dimensional sounds as they surround your head and even travel through it!   Like a sonic hologram, you actually ‘feel’ the sounds as if they were the real deal.

Brain Baths is like having your own brain spa right at your fingertips!



“Incredible detail to the sounds, I’ve never heard anything like it!”
-Jasmine L

“By far the BEST relaxation and brain entrainment app, and I’ve tried them all”
-Rick K

“So soothing, lulled me right to sleep last night… and I woke up feeling fantastic!” -Cheryl D

“Used it while studying for an exam and couldn’t believe my focus”
-Rachel W






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